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The International Association for Music & Medicine was founded to promote an integrative perspective to applied music in health care. Pursuing an ambitious vision which has resulted in the dissemination of high level research through the IAMM journal Music and Medicine, gathering a worldwide membership base, and hosting international conferences every two years, IAMM offers immense capacity for directing attention towards the integration of a wide range of research initiatives and contemporary practices in the uses of music in the healthcare arena. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in music and healthcare and all are welcome to join.

IAMM promotes sharing and capacity building across a wide range of fields including arts medicine, music performance, performance arts medicine, music psychology, medical humanities, ethnomusicology, music cognition, music neurology, music therapy, music in hospitals, infant stimulation, and music medicine. IAMM is a community with expertise to support the development of initiatives that provide capacity building in this area, promoting the further potential for research, practice and knowledge about music and medicine.

As a highly interdisciplinary forum for clinical practice and research initiatives in music and medicine IAMM’s goals include the sharing of methods and practices from the widest range of clinical and research perspectives possible. IAMM will promote expansion of knowledge in the field to foster program development and research initiatives.

Members will automatically be subscribed to the journal Music and Medicine and will receive regular bulletins and newsletters of interest on this topic as well as having generous conference discounts available.

The International Association for Music & Medicine was founded in 2009 at the inaugural meeting in Limerick, Ireland funded by the Graduate Education Medical School at the University of Limerick. IAMM founding members served as the first term Board of Directors until the elections at University of Toronto in 2014. IAMM is now led by an Executive Committee and Board comprising the following membership:

President: Jane Edwards, Ireland
Vice-President: Patravoot Vatanasapt, Thailand
Treasurer: Fred Schwartz, USA
Secretary: Suzanne Hanser, USA


Development & Finance: Annie Heiderschiedt, USA
Conference: Vera Brandes, Austria
Communications: Helen Shoemark, Australia

Members of the Board of Directors

Penny Brill, USA

Nuria Escude, Spain

Tian Gao, China

Connie A. Jastremski, USA

Wendy Magee, USA

Josep Planas, Spain

Andrew Rossetti, USA

Erika Saito, USA

Brian Schreck, USA

Sumathy Sundar, India

Patsy Tan, Singapore

The IAMM journal Music and Medicine is published quarterly and online by IAMM with co-editors in Chief Dr Joanne Loewy and Dr Ralph Spintge.The Production Editor for the journal is Julian Koenig, and the Managing Editor is Amy Clements-Cortes. See more at mmd.iammonline.com

 An international IAMM meeting is held every two years. The first meeting to found IAMM and launch the journal was held in Limerick in 2009. The inaugural conference was held in conjunction with Mozart & Science III in Krems, Austria November 4-7, 2010, co-hosted with the International Music & Art Research Association Austria. In July 2012 we held our second international conference at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok. Thailand. Delegates commented on the extraordinary diversity of papers, and the high level of scholarship across many fields related to music and medicine. Our next conference was June 24-27 2014 at the University of Toronto with co-hosts the Canadian Association for Music Therapy, and Wilfred Laurier University. It was a magnificent success and brought many new perspectives to music research and practice in medical contexts. 




The International Association for Music & Medicine is a registered non-profit organisation formed in 2009 to encourage and support the use of music in medical contexts including research into the benefits of music, and its specialised applications in healthcare.
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